Friday, November 13, 2015

Medicines and cleaners locked away for safety

Most parents diligently hide their medicines from their children. They even have locked medicine cabinets. What about your child's medicine. Where do you store it? What about normal over-the-counter, child proof tops, medicine? Where should you keep it? Where are your household cleaners. Until I had children, I kept all my cleaners under my kitchen sink. On occasion I will still find myself putting something under the kitchen or bathroom sinks. Disinfecting wipes look innocent enough. There is not a lot of liquid in the container. Do not be fooled by your little one. They can just as easily stick a wipe in their mouth and chew on it. Where should you keep cleaners? If you have locked cabinets or a locked drawer, put medicines and cleaners in them. High cabinets are okay to use as long as you know your little one is not climbing to find new treasures to play with. No one can watch their child 24 hours a day. Mine likes to sneak chairs when he thinks I am asleep. The dragging of heavy objects across a wood floor at two in the morning is quite disturbing. First, you have to wonder what is being dragged. If you are in a deep sleep you can come up with some "doozies" or very imaginative and scary thoughts.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Childproofing Your Back Yard as a New Dad

Childproofing your back yard as a new father is probably not one of the things that you think about as a new dad, especially if you are a new parent and have just brought baby home. You have probably already baby proofed the inside, now it is time to take a trip into your back yard. Children love to play outside and they should be in a childproof back yard.

Tips for a new father childproofing his back yard should be similar to childproofing the house. Keep sharp and hazardous objects out of the reach of children. If you don't have a shed or garage now is the time to get a storage building.

Here are a few tips for childproofing your back yard.

Child Proof Your Bathroom

One of the most overlooked dangers in a house is the bathroom. Every bathroom should be child-proofed especially if you have children. What could possibly hurt a child in such a small room? Everything. Think of the bathroom as a child's playroom. Water is fun to children and it draws their attention. The same "fun" to a child can be deadly.

Everything Needs to be Child Proofed When You Have Children

If your friends have kids have you ever noticed that absolutely every part of their home, their yard, and absolutely everything is child proofed? If you have kids you want to protect them and short of putting them in a bubble, you can never be too safe. Here are several articles about childproofing your house and yard.